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Join by July 11

Shred starts July 18

Pick up your Shred Pack by July 14

Nutrition Plan & Recipe Guide emailed to you by July 14

Get your first BodyMetrix scan (if wanted) by July 25

SHRED SESSIONS & WORKOUTS This is a participation based Shred - so our goal is to get you involved in any way that suits your lifestyle and training style. Shred Sessions will be offered across the week and time slots as part of our group fitness timetable. If you can’t make those, ANY workout will do - the goal is to burn calories! Challenges and daily workouts will be there to keep you going.

The SATURDAY SHRED SESSION on Saturday morning at 7 is the climax and completion of each week - try and come along to those - they will be amazing, outside, and a lot of fun!

MEAL PLANS - our amazing Nutrition partner Simone will have the new Shred recipe and meal plan ready to send to you in the week prior to the start. The key is to reduce your calories but enjoy healthy delicious nutrition rich food! Follow our plan or come up with your own alternatives - it’s up to you! Simone will be available for help and advice during the Shred on our AFShred facebook group.

CONNECT - Our 8 Week Shred facebook group is the place to get daily updates, workouts, challenges and share your experiences, recipes, challenge attempts and motivation to help everyone along the way.

PRIZES - Amazing prizes include holiday vouchers, 6 month nutrition pack, supplements, PT sessions and much more - these will be allocated to the categories and voted for by you. Yes, YOU decide who wins along the way and at the end for Best Result, Biggest Effort, Quiet Achiever, Biggest Motivator, Best Attitude, Most Social, Coach’s Trophy.

WHAT TO EXPECT - Expect the results you deserve!

The group sessions will be your best chance to workout hard during the Shred, and the meal plan will be your best friend for healthy results… BUT don’t let perfect be the enemy of good!.. If you have some fun, make some friends, get fitter, come to some sessions, do your own thing too, have a go at some challenges, and learn plenty from the recipe plan and about yourself along the way then this Shred will be life changing and a huge success for you… you might even win a prize!

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