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Young Person Policy

We welcome Junior Concession Members from the age of 13.

The following is our policy on Concession Memberships:


Casual use of the gym during staffed hours under 15 years old is not permitted unless accompanied by a responsible adult. 
Casual visits are not allowed outside staffed hours. 

Children UNDER 13 are not allowed Casual Access
Children are not allowed on the gym floor for any reason without a staff member present (ie for Personal Training). They are allowed to “hang out and watch” while parents train.
Children 13-15 may workout with Parents under strict conditions on a Casual Visit basis.

$55 Per month up front  
$27 per fortnight via direct debit
$15 Setup
Program $25
-Must join with parents permission & present on joining
-Must complete a Concession Programming Session $25 
-Must follow that program as instructed by the trainer 
Concession memberships will not begin until the program has been completed. If an initial program is not completed we will not begin the membership. This program is to make sure the young person knows hows to navigate the gym environment and machinery safely, while beginning their training with the right exercises and movements.

Concession Member Access
During staffed hours only, or with a nominated responsible adult as requested by the parent. This adult must be next to and supervise the junior member at all times. 
Parents should notify us of the adults their child is allowed to attend with so it can be noted on the membership record. 

Strict adherence to gym safety rules and the rules that apply specifically to young persons is expected at all times. Any young person caught in the center outside staffed hours without being supervised by a previously nominated adult will have their membership cancelled. 

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